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So you just killed every boss ever with your hogs army of devastating gig as and other monsters. Oh all those trophies too many. You are ruler of the arks until... you turn around. Exactly at 50 50 on the map is a small creature. You ride your giga close to it but your tribe mate is strangely running. Then he types on the chat... THE DODO HAS RETURNED EVERYONE BRING EVERYTHING YOU HAVE TO 50 50 TO CHALLENGE THE DODO OR ELSE WE WILL ALL BE SLAVES TO THE DIVINE CREATURE FOR EVER!!!!!! Then you quickly get on your wyvern and fly into the sky but the dodo chases you. You just dodge its atomic breath when it swoops down and roars at a Yutyrannus who then runs the dodo attempting to bite it with its deadly venomous fangs. The whole server was at war against the dodo and giga corpses were flying in the air and then it grabs a 100 mile long giga and you see it fly in the air with the giga trying to break free and then for years people have been breeding gigas to get ready for the dodos return

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