How I met Eclipse,

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How I met Eclipse,

(part 2 is out)I was stalking my prey. I had been there for days looking and surviving to try to tame the beast known as the Dire Wolf. I had tried and failed many times but this was gonna be the time. As I was sitting on a piece of ice a pack came out of thin air and ran at me, but they couldn’t climb so I shot my darts at them. Two of them scattered, one had been darted and passed out. I quickly got to work at taming the thing trying to avoid those giant birds. I had to go to normal land or I would freeze. I came back, and it was almost time for him to wake up. I hid behind a ice brick and waited. Then he woke up! Finally after all this time! But then another wolf came and attacked him. I got my shotgun and shot. I missed the first shot and hit my poor baby. But the second shot hit the other wolf and it was gone. I quickly hopped on my new friend and jumped on the boat. And we were out of there. But sadly the first day I had him was also the last.

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