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Ms. Frizzle: Seatbelts, everyone!

Arnold: Please let this be a normal field trip!

Wanda: With the Friz?

All except Arnold: NO WAY!

Arnold: Awww!

Walkin' on the Cente. You're relaxed and feelin' Good! (Yeah!)

Next thing that you know, You're seein'..

Ms. Frizzle: (Running into ocean) WA-HA-HA-HOOO!!

A Tuseoteuthis in the neighborhood?

Surfin' On a plesio! Swingin' through the jungle!

Take a left at redwood forest. Take your second right past Lava island!

On The Magic Diplo!

Navigate a Swamp!

Climb on The Magic Diplo!

Spank an ammonite, too!

Wanda: Take that!

On Our Magic Diplo!

Raft a river of lava!

On The Magic Diplo!

Such a fine thing to do!

Whole Class: Wooooooooooaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

So strap your bones right to the seat.

Come on in and don't be shy.

Just to make your day complete,

You might get baked into a vegetable cake!

On The Magic Diplo!

Sit on the side, It's a wilder ride!

Come On!


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