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How to tame a Diplo from my experience. (Ark mobile player, I don't know if this works on anything else)

1. I do not recommend using plain berries, they barely do anything. Instead, make a farm, farms are extremely easy to make and grow very fast (IN MOBILE), crops do way more than regular berries.

2. Find your Diplo, make sure there's no carnivores near it, and go Underneath it, this will prevent it from being able to push you, as even if it tries, it cannot reach you.

3. Put the crops in your hot bar and passively feed the diplo, being extremely patient, they can he quite stubborn.

4. Diplos are extremely easy tames, aside from the time it takes to fully fill their taming bar up, you should have successfuly tamed a Diplo now, good job.


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