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These are INCREDIBLY useful tames to have in mobile, and here’s why:

In Raids; In mobile, we don’t have cryopods. Due to this, turret soaking becomes a problem, in that it’s difficult and takes time to get all tames you need to soak to the enemy base. These guys are very fast, very easy to tame, and are tanky health-sinks even at low levels; making them the PERFECT soakers in mobile. need more? Go get some balm and mejoberries, and you’ve got your replacement in under 12 minutes.

Used as a construction tool, they’re the same size as a bronto, meaning you can easily build tall structures & tree platform bases using his sheer height. He has a lot of weight as well, meaning if you have an enormous amount of metal walls/pillars/ what have you, he can hold it for you.

Used for transportation, the same is true; he has SO MUCH WEIGHT! And he’s very fast, with 10 seats in his saddle. If you need to move base, he’s your man.

That’s my Ted talk, up for noobs to see.

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