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These dinos are usefull for many things such as tanking if no turtle is around also i understand that you could use a turtle instead but try this in your next raid it could save your life send in the turtles and then bring the diplos make sure you have at least 3 of these guys they have the health and weight of a bronto with much more movement speed also functions as super fast 10 person getaway in case the raid goes wrong this tactic is especially useful if the tribe you are rading is setup on a mountain easy kills because of knockback have like 3 people on the diplo and the rest on rexes and you will be fine make sure the 3 people the diplo have a steady supy of rockets of the diplo dies then you have 2 more to mount knockback is the best part of this tame this dino can knockback rexes and allos very usefull and if u dont see any other use just have your teibe go on a jurrasic world type adventure take good care of these guys they also gather berries mildly so dont rely on them

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