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If you love these creatures like me and want to breed them to get better stats you’ll probably want to read this. So this isn’t about taming them I’m sure you already know what a pain it is to keep one alive after knock out.

Rule 1. When you breed them they must stay in water NO MATTER WHAT OR BOOM!

Also when imprinting there is no option to imprint due to a bug in the game but the way around it is by walking it over and over until it imprints.

When I say walk I mean swim it because remember rule 1. The first time walk for about a minute if no imprint happens then cryo it and walk it again and repeat until it imprints. Your basically just rolling the dice until the walk option comes but you’ll never see what it actually wants so walking is the cheapest option.

Rule 2. Wear scuba, your going to be walking it a couple times most likely. Your going to run out of stamina and the last thing u want is to go on land to get stamina and the baby diplo follows u remember rule 1.

This works for me on a PS5

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