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First of all, this dino is quite useful when it comes to swimming underwater, since it spends it’s own oxygen except for yours and gives you some extra when dismounted. I recommend getting it out of the water first (if it is in water tho) since you know.. Sarcos etc. I lured a dilo to attack it then killed it to knock it out safely. You can also use bolas on these things which is pretty good for a 4 legged dino. And the most important part is that you need to add it weight since its around 150 at lvl approx 10 and you need to like ride it. Also the best thing of it is that it doesn’t require a saddle, I mean you can just ride it after tamed without using anything. Gotta remind their colors are modtly amazing and DON’T LET THE DODODEX PHOTO FOOL YOU THEY ARE SMALLER THAN MOSCHOPS. Hope it helped!

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