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These are stupid ridiculous to tame.

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These are stupid ridiculous to tame. I tried with my tribemate to tame one. We spent 30 minutes just looking for it. Once we found it, I killed the snake. Then a Kapro ate it. So we kept looking. We found 2 more, a mated pair of 95. We don't care about level at this point. There was a convenient dino trap located where they were, so we used our Wyverns to push them in there. We got off, fell into the trap that had no way out, and all of a sudden, a raptor walks up the ramp and into the trap with us. We are able to kill it but our dragons flew off and we are now stuck in the trap. Then, a snake slithers its way through the wall, and starts attacking us. One of the diplos is dead, and manage to knock the snake out. We both fall asleep and pray the snake doesn't wake up. My tribemate manages to get his dragon close enough to him to pull himself out. I wake up and kill the snake. Our other Diplo is down to 50 hp. We decide to force feed it meat and wake it up to knock it out again. But some more Kapros have spawned. I walk my dragon over to kill them, but apparently the water was too deep. I fall off, my tribemate isn't on anymore, and I'm in the water. Piranhas, Kapros, and for some reason a frog all attack me. I'm dead, my dragon was just hovering, and I honestly don't care about the Diplo anymore. But I had a Giga on me so I had to go back. When I got back, I knocked it out again, and using the trusted Dododex, I fed it kibble and tamed it. I had two cryopods and one of them had the Giga in it. So I cryopodded my dragon and carried the Diplo back to the base. For all of that work, we only got one of the two Diplocauluses. But whatever.

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