How i got my Dilophosaurus

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How i got my Dilophosaurus

So one day in ark (the first few days btw).I got 2 dodos,so i was strolling around till i saw a dilo and prepared to attack,and boy was it coming at me already.My dodos fended it off as long as they could,but then my first dodo died,soon my second was on low hp,and i was hacking away at the dilo.BUT my sec dodo i continued to punch it(my pickaxe broke btw)and it got unconscious,so even if im angry this dilo is a good addition for the sacrifice of i did the logical thing,tame it with the remains of my dead dodos.right after that it was tamed,and what i tell you this thing went to survive 2 trikes and a sarco attack with a parasaur his name was george RIP George he died cuz of the second trike we fought,and then i got a new parasaur replacement,so soon i judt got tons of tames.and i also wiped out the sarco population too so boy that was my story of my dilo named Brave soul

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