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Guard them with your life. If they take one hit they will activate their superheal and drain their food really quickly. They also do this if they are even close to an injured dino. This can lead to them starving to death. If you leave them near a bush they will actually harvest it, and they're really good at gathering rare mushrooms. It also seems like while riding them their attack does this aswell. But they don't eat berries? Why not? They're omnivores right? Couldn't they make it like the vulture where it can only have this stuff in their inventory if they harvest it and then they could eat it to fill their food when meat is scarce or you're not willing to throw piles of meat on this thing just to keep it alive. Either that or give it a NO HEAL setting so it doesn't starve itself everytime a raptor wanders into my base. Sorry I'm mostly posting suggestions rather than actual uses.

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