The crystal chronicles made by Magicalraptor

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The crystal chronicles made by Magicalraptor

Chaptor 1

It was a beautiful morning in Crystal creek where Luna was finishing her morning moschops which she had to get herself.l, kara her sister came back with a devastating injury a scar to the chest luna said in sadness "who did this to you kara?" Seen as there were tropical wyverns they were extremely powerfull." was..taron..the king brute blood wyvern" cried kara. There was more wyverns around crystal creek.luna let kara have the rest of her fresh moshchops. When she felt better they went to hunt in bounty beach where all the good food was but unfortunately it was very very dangerous when they got there they saw, taron feasting on a Gigantasaurus,he noticed them and ignored them. Luna and Kara hunted down a spinosaures and ate it alive. taron quickly dashed out of site seen as he knew he didn't stand a chance. When they got home luna and kara rested and got some shut eye. Hope you enjoyed this! Like for part 2!

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