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Why hello there! Do you want a F*CKING USELESS TAME that needs loads of meat I CAN’T GET? If so, then the Compy is the Dino for you!

This little buddy loses torpor so quickly, you’re probably going to kill it before you shove some prime meat of mutton into its inventory. Yay!

Here’s a good idea: Shove 18 of these annoying jerks into your friend’s house. Before you know it... SURPRISE, B*TCH! They’re gonna chase...

And chase...

And keep chasing...

Until they go up to you. They begin to sniff, until they bite the living SH*T out of you

So... now do you want to get a Compy? So call this number-

1-234-567-8910 to get one.., before one of these ANNOYING A$$ B*TCHES f*cks you up now!

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