I think you shouldn't bash the Compy so fast!

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I think you shouldn't bash the Compy so fast!

So a little bit of backstory... I tried all different kinds of shoulder mounts. My dimorphodons kept dying after I got KO'd, my Ithyornis was a pain, and I just coudn't get the hang of any winged pals. I ended up going back to using Compies, even if just for companionship. This all would change the first time I met Minnie.

Minnie is my white Compy with light green feathers, and I've had her with me every time I can help it. I often just wander around, checking everything out, and sometimes getting lost in thought. I forgot I had her with me, and suddenly I'm startled by a noise she makes. I look ahead of me to the right, and a Raptor peeks out at me and starts running at me. By calling out the Raptor, Minnie gave me time to shoot one more arrow, knocking me out. That was the first tale I have, and that happened 3-6 months ago.

Just earlier today, I thought the section of Carnivore Island I was at was clear, until I heard Minnie call out danger. I take out my crossbow, turn right and see a sabretooth run right at me! I managed to get in two shots that I wouldn't have had otherwise, and would have died if Minnie didn't warn me about the nearby danger.

Yeah, Minnie's damage level is awful, but she's definitely my partner. Other shoulder mounts make noises because they're raring for battle, even if there's no foes. Minnie stays quiet until danger is sensed or is fighting.

Moral of the story? Don't judge any dino in the game. Everybody has their preferences, and while I could say more, this is meant to be about the most underrated dino in the game. Listen to your Compy, and you'll be much safer. Happy hunting, ladies and gentlemen.

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