This is the most dangerous animal in ark with a staggering 1828k hp at lvl 1 and up to 18.2M at lvl 150 and 192.8M at lvl 450 you will need a serious amout of fire power to get your hands on the strongest creature there are 3 options of taming the beast (number 1): sacrificing gigs/titans you will need about 182 low lvl giga or 35 high lvl Gigas to tame a 1-150 and about 231 low lvl giga or 56 high lvl for 151-300 and about 276 low lvl giga or 87 high lvl giga to tame a 300+ . Option 2 you will have to knock it out there are 2 ways to do it number 1 you can use a cannon or a ballista or a terbaushe and hit it’s head (top of head = 1.3x dmg) (bottom of head = 0.6x dmg) and when doing it watch out for its water spit attack that can stun and do 200 torpor dmg and a additional 2000 dmg to your tames and you so be sure to bring armor or you will die to it’s water attack and be sure to only hit it when it is roaring at u for maximum torpor . Method 2: you can use a tranqs to knock it out but I not advise to do that since when it roars it will make your tranq stuff fall to the ground so use a Scorpion but be aware if it’s torpor is high enough it will get a brain and can see your Scorpion so be wary of that . But when you knock it out you have to feed it a brood mother heart for a 3.2% increase (13mim cool-down) or a human soul for 5.1% increase (27mim cool-down) or a dragon wing for an 7.1% increase (43mim cool-down) or you could get a gaint ape arm for a 1.3% increase (7mim cool-down) and the stuff will tale 2% of their total effective per level (1.3% like 10 lvls later -> (1.2%) oh btw if your on mobile just use a artifact (the % will depend n the hardness to get). Method 3 you have the ability to passive feed it but you will need ascendent gille and a lot of giga heart/artifacts since it will only do since it’s the most effective for it (3.1%) and a 0.01% decrease per lvl and a 12mim cool-down so you need to be there for a long time but if you are able to do it you will be given the most powerful creature in ark (btw if you want to ride it you can get a saddle for it but you can only get the blueprint form the overseer or a ark mobile boss and it has a 0.7% chance of dropping when defeating them and the saddle will cost 65000 iron ingots 100000 hide ,230000 fibre , 1430 black Pearls and 4500 pearls also 50000 chitin/keratin) and that’s fo- OH GOD THERES A SPIER ON MY WALLL

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