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These are insane! Really wild card this is more of a boss don’t you think? I mean these things are killing machines!! Here’s how to kill one, first get a few titantosaurs, gigas, wyverns, and a 300-400 quetzal. Build a tek base on the quetzal and whistle follow for wyverns and Titans. Make them face one side of the beast and gigas on the other, then whistle attack, all pets must be 300 level or more, you may lose a few in the process though. Get out your strongest weapons, only ranged, far ranged because they can send tsunami waves at you and your tames. Attack with your pets and hope for the best. Do the same for taming but bring MANY MANY more large animals, make sure they don’t attack, they are for the taming sacrifices. Knock out with turrets and cannons on a quetzal. Their unconscious is 25 times as fast as a gigas so bring bio toxin in the millions. You will have to kill your tames for the coelacanth to eat, they will only eat the following animals, Gigas, wyverns, griffins, titantosaurs, phoenix’s, unicorns, and quetzals over he level of 200. This taming will take around 14-15 hours. Good luck players! Or you can tame it passively which is around 10 times as hard as knocking it out!


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