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Some of the players see them as Annoying critters,But they have a use...If you can kill a Jellyfish,I mean Cnidaria...U can get 10-12 biotoxin,Which is good,If u are taming a creature,When it's torpor goes down..We use nacrotics as solution...It increases 40-80 torpor...But a single bio toxin...It's increases 80-180 torpor thats insane...Because Nacrotics need 5 berries and a spoiled meat ..But if u kill a jelly fish u'll get many biotoxins that is equalient to many Nacrotics....U can kill them with basilosaur easily..and lure them to beach shore and killing them,But this method is risky,Because if u get close,They can give u a electronic punch that takes lot of health...I recommend using bow and crossbows for killing it...It's a friend and foe

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