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Chalicotherium Obsidioequus is a strange, yet peaceful herbivore, preferring to spend it’s days in tropical climates.

Chalicotherium Obsidioequus is sloth-like, except with a head resembling a horse, wields wicked claws that it uses to grab food from its surrounding environment, yet can prove deadly in combat. It also has a zebra-pattern and appears pot-bellied, allowing it to consume loads of berries at once.

Much like the Gigantopithecus, Chalicotherium Obsidioequus is perfectly fine if wild animals approach, just not if they attack. However, the same cannot be said of survivors, who are attacked if too close. It will however, happily lap up food or beer from said survivors, so long as they keep a reasonable distance.


Chalicotherium Obsidioequus is a social animal, making it a great companion. It can be taught to use what Helena mentions as it’s “playtime habit” combatively, which can be helpful to master in dangerous situations.

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