So while I was on my Carno "Unnamed Carnivore" killing…

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So while I was on my Carno "Unnamed Carnivore" killing innocent Dodos for comedic relief, some random Therizinosaurus decided to go "Hey, you did nothing to me so F*CK YOU TWO!".

ARK Mobile is infamously glitchy, so when I tried to help my Carno by stabbing the Therizino to death with a pike by dismounting, ARK though I was still saddled, so I took damage from something ten feet away.

I respawned at my nearby base and rushed to rescue my Carno, but when I got back, there was only one creature at the scene of the crime. I obviously got worried, then I saw the shape of my Carno eating the dead Therizino. It had 840 health at the start of the battle, but when my Carno killed the damn tickle chicken, it only had 13 health left, so the smallest dilo scratch would kill my beloved Carno.

Thankfully, not a single dilo was in sight, and now I was left with a gigachad Carno.

Now when I see a Therizinosaurus, I kill it immediately.

Reject Tickle Chicken,

Return to Carno.

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