I was on a new survivor trying to survive hardcore and I…

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I was on a new survivor trying to survive hardcore and I started a thatch base I had 3 dilophisaurs and a weak thatch base so I accidentally picked up one of there eggs while running around and 2 of the carbonemys near my base started demolishing it and killing my dilophisaurs I was weak to fight back with stone gear my dilos died and I watched as my base got ripped apart after a lot of spinning and camping above rocks using 237 arrows they both died I quickly made random boxes to store the destroyed items and went on a voyage up a mountain to build a new base I ain’t living there again now with a crossbow and hide at our I slaughter these pathetic turtles off the Ark

But, I did decide to tame one because it reminded me of my IRL dead turtle Melven now my urge against them is sort of swiped away but I won’t forget that day I lost my base to turtles

RIP my pet Melven

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