So this is an amazing story of the turtle.

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So this is an amazing story of the turtle.Once I tamed a level 150 turtle,it was hard but totally worth it.It had 15,000 health,1100 melee damage,12,000 stamina,90,000 hunger and 6600 movement speed. Soon like after 12 days I maxed it's health to 1000000! That very same day I saw a titan attacking some dilos while riding my turtle and the the titan accidentally hit my turtle and dismounted me!Luckily I brang my argy along so,I mounted it and flew away. Few days later I came back and saw THE TURTLE I-ME-DE-AT-LY DEMOLISHING THE TITAN AND THE TURTLE ONLY HAD A 1000 HEALTH!!! I was happy for 2 reasons 1.The turtle killed the titan 2. The turtle was alive.

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