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Hi! Dodo’s friend, Jerboa here! Dodo asked me to do all the little critters. So I, the almighty Jerboa, shall guide you through shoulder mounts!



Behavior: Passive

The Bulbdog is a cute starter glow-pet found almost anywhere! I seem to find a bunch near the portal (spawn point) though. Wild bulbdogs are passive critters and pose no threat to jerboas and humans alike! Killing one gives you hide and meat, plus a one way ticket on the “Defenders of the Bulbdogs” most wanted list. Once tamed, it shall shower you in cuteness and light. The glow light keeps the one-who-shall-not-be-named away. But BEWARE! The Seekers see this as dinner! They get stronger when in the presence of your glow light (I’m not actually to sure). If you find a Bulbdog, feed it some grub and be on your way. It may even follow you home!


You will need: Taming food (Aquatic Mushrooms are advised).

First, Locate this bundle of joy!

Lastly, Feed it taming food (Mushrooms)

Wow it’s that easy huh?

Well what are you waiting for? Go tame one!

-Best Regards, Jerboa

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