I recently tamed a brontosaurus to kill off a tame I have…

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I recently tamed a brontosaurus to kill off a tame I have, I punish the dilo I tamed for finishing off my raptor who bravely fought a trike for me.

I leave him at the corner of my base and punch him all the way out of my base everyday, he's a lvl 150, with high hp, everyday I unclaim him, hit him with my spino once, claim him back, climb a small cliff near my base with my argy and punch him off. It's 11 of November rn, one day before Christmas I will build a platform saddle for the brontosaurus I named Executer and laugh as a dodo I'll tame kills it after unclaimed.

I usually kill off any brontosaurus that dares to sneak near my base, and harvest it's prime meat. I don't want to risk them stomping my base after Getting punched by one of my spike walls while I sleep. I'll do the same with executer, since there's no real use I have for her rn. Rip Executer, I'll make it a quick death so she won't suffer from dying from neglect.

One up = 1 Rip Executer, your function is important to me.

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