This is a special and sad story about Pear

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This is a special and sad story about Pear

When i started ark i built my house around a cave below a cliff by a beach. When i went on to harvest berries i saw a large level 20 bronto spawn. I was immediately frightened because my base was surrounded with wooden spikes so if it touched it it might get mad. Guess what it touched a spike and then started stomping on in it. And then i saw true horror i saw its tail whip animation revving up and its tails could go throw my spikes therefore it could kill my tames. I coudnt do anything so went in the cave and was prepared to see my base and tames obliterated. It whipped and i heard a sound of a cry and saw “Your level 15 Lystro (Pear) has been killed by a level 20 bronto.” I immediately heard the bronto fall down to its death from the spikes i immediately rushed to see Pears laying down there lifeless. The brontos tail managed to hit Pear and since brontos cant attack multiple targets at once Pear was a shield. I decided to bury pear in the very spot he sat on and grabbed all my tames and we sat for a while. Pear my very first tame on ark i always loved feeding berries aswell as going out together. You saved my base and tames at cause of your life rip pear..

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