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So I was going out then I decided that I should tame a Bronto.

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So I was going out then I decided that I should tame a Bronto. I was a lvl 33 which is way lower than I should be for taming a Bronto. I’ve always come across this Bronto that’s right next to my house, so if I die I only have to come a short distance to get my stuff. Now the only thing I had other than a bat to knock dino’s out was a slingshot, so I got a lot of rocks and got on a short hill and started shooting. It took an in-game day until the Bronto started running away. It went into the water so I used my raft to chase it down, a few moments later, I KNOCKED A BRONTOSAURUS UNCONSCIOUS WITH A SLINGSHOT. I got a lot of berries and started to feed it. I was pretty nervous since there was a Sarco nearby, I had to run away until it went away. I got some more berries and I just stood there, right next to the Bronto. I played a few songs to pass the time in this exact order. 1. Bohemian Rhapsody

2. Don’t stop me now

3. Spider Dance

Finally the tame meter was at 98% I started playing megalovania in hopes that the intense part would start right when I got it tamed. It was a bit too early but that didn’t matter. I tamed a Brontosaurus using a slingshot and had to chase it down until I knocked it unconscious with a Sarco nearby. Dang.

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