My experiance with this creature were hard.

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My experiance with this creature were hard. I spotted some in the shore of herbavore island. It was trapped and sourrounded with manta. I got exited thinknig about taming it. I tried to kill the manta with the rifle but it didnt work. There were sharks, mantas, and icthys. I gave up and started building a wall to keep my futre dins. Suddemly a bas apeared and walked in, so i trapped it. I got some prime with my stego., which i looove, and fed it. U higly recommend using prime. Using normal meat is trrrrash. I tamed it and got it. It was hard but i think im going to love this dino. I will either name it willy or inprisoned willy(i never watched save will ok?). Thanks for reading!

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