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Ok couple things.

1 the timer seems to be 4minutes approximately at least when I tamed my last one it was like clockwork on 4 minutes.

2 use a zip line and a ravager make the zip line just out of reach of the basilisk. Just drop eggs down to it. If done right the basilisk can’t spit at you (or won’t spit), but stay aggro.

3 clear the area. Nothing sucks more than having a roll rat or something walk over and start a fight 85% through the tame.

4 you only need hazard helmet to block spit damage. The entire suit is not needed, so just bring like 4 helmets.

5 bring a tank ravager and a partner is recommended. If you are taking hits have your partner swap out with their ravager and go heal. (If you do the zip line part correctly you shouldn’t be getting spit at or hurt)

6 bring extra eggs in case it doesn’t recognize one.

Good luck

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