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Easiest and most cost effective way to Tame a Basilisk.

You need:

1x small shoulder pet ( I prefer Bulbdog but use whatever you want)

1x Metalfoundation

Enough eggs to Tame your Basilisk (check Dododex for thst based on your settings)

1x Eather Tek suit or Crossbow with grappling hooks

How to:

After you found your desired Basilisk go as close as you can to it without waking it up.

Place your shoulder pet on the ground and then place the foundation on top of it so that it's below the foundation (careful as sometimes if you go a bit away from the foundation the light pet will popp back on top of the foundation so check if it did)

Throw the eggs on top of the foundation.

Now get close to the Basilisk and lure it towards the foundation. Once it is near the foundation Eather jump with the Tek suit and fly far above him or grapple with the hook. The basilisk will loose Interest in you but will aggro on the Bulbdog and try to bite it but it can't hit it. It will remain there forever and never even bother to burrow. It will eat the egg on its own when it wants to (be careful of other Dinos as they might aggro on The pet too and due to that hit the basilisk.)

Now just wait and voilà you for a Basilisk.

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