Basilisk adventures chapter 2

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Basilisk adventures chapter 2

After what had happened with the survivor encounter, Venom wanted to show his battle tactic with the world. Of course he did so, but it had a huge impact on aberrations population. All rex’s and giga’s were extinct, therefore, spinos and reapers were the strongest creatures. Even though Venom was young, he loved rock drake eggs. He wanted them more than anything else in the world(nameless were stringy, similar to fish), he just wanted a good meal for once in 15 years. He saw a rock drake egg and slithered towards it. The egg was laid by a lot of air cons(or so he thought). Then, he saw something that cought his eye. He was hundreds of meters from the blue zone. He saw a sign reading ‘welcome to the ReaperSlayer tribe!’. This cought his attention. He remembered(a couple days before his mother left) his mother saying “curiosity is what killed the Titanaboa”. He missed her. He also missed his girlfriend, Fang. They met when they were chasing the same bulbdog. She was going to visit him, but never arrived at they’re meeting place. he assumed she was dead, but kept searching for her anyway, hoping for a miracle. Venom slithered up to a gateway, and looked through a crack in the stone, and could not believe his eyes.

It was Fang.

“Psst! Fang” Venom tried. He knew she could not hear him at the distance she was from him, and being underground(Venoms battle tactic soon became a way to pass time to all basilisks). He knocked down a tree and went back to the crack, Fangs head popped up from the hole. She slithered to Venom. “You shouldn’t be here!” Fang whispered. “ I need to find a survivor who lives here!” Venom said, ignoring Fang. “Who?” Fang questioned “4 people live here!”. “ his name is Jackson.” Venom responded. “ I don’t know,” Fang said. “He left four weeks ago and never returned. I want to find him but…”. “But what?”. “He built this wall. That is why I never met you at our meeting place for the past 3 years.”. Venom was stunned. So much so, he couldn’t say anything. He would try, but nothing would come out. He looked for her for THREE YEARS and she was trapped inside Jackson’s base. Before he was going to complain, Venom noticed a glint in the distance. It was the survivor who killed his father, and his sniper was pointing at the back of Fangs head.

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