Basilisk adventures chapter 4

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Basilisk adventures chapter 4

Jackson was breathing, but it was more of a rasp if anything. A survivor popped out with a sniper in his hands. He had a cryopod and threw out a baby Reaper. He took a glance in Venoms direction. “What?” Jackson asked. “ get down!” The survivor said. He aimed up his sniper. Right then, a bullet ricocheted off the ground and ALMOST hit Venom. “ the survivor set his gun down and held his hand out, hoping he won’t lose it. Venom leaned forward, and let the survivor put his hand on his nose. Venom spewed acid like venom out his fangs. He killed the survivor that tried to snipe Fang.

When the survivor returned with Jack in a stretcher, he was surprised to see there was another basilisk. “Hey, my name is Baümer.” The survivor said. Venom knew Baümer didn’t understand Venom, so he spat some acid out of his mouth. “Acid?” Baümer tried. Venom shook his head. He spat some more acid out of his mouth. “Venom?” Baümer guessed. Venom nodded. “What do you say you come with me. Have a proper meal of Rockdrake eggs?” Baümer asked. Venom nodded.

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