Wholesome basilisk fanfic. Wholesome because yes

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Wholesome basilisk fanfic. Wholesome because yes

The survivor was running, wishing he brought a bulbdog. After snatching 15 rock drake eggs he made the mistake of coming into nameless turf without charge light, and was fleeing from them. There seemed to be no escape as he started slowing with some distance made. But what was that rumble.


A giant snake rose from the ground, hissing madly.


It started spitting venom furiously through the nameless armor and destroying them one by one. By the time it was done, all the nameless were either fleeing or dead, and large bags of nameless venom scattered the area.

“Well I needed that venom so great” the survivor picked it all up, before remembering the snake

Meanwhile the snake stared curiously at the players other bag, where they had kept 15 rock drake eggs, believing the more the merrier.

“Uh you want those.”

The snake hissed a clear confirmation

“Well, I kinda gathered too many because of opportunity, so I guess you can have some, but not all”

The snake happily accepted the eggs, leaving three to be raised to healthy rock drakes. It decided to come with the human.

“Alright, let’s head back then. With the nameless venom and eggs, I’ll be able to raise rock drakes”

So they headed back, and along with the basilisk and other tames, the rock drakes grew into healthy adults, able to aid the survivor well, making his survival even more possible.

Hope you like it

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