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You Can use either fertilized Magmasaur or Rock Drake eggs. Magmasaurs are breedable, so you can use the eggs they drop from breeding, as long as they are fertilized.

On Genesis, not sure about Abb, the Basilisk will not eat it’s first egg until it’s health is totally full. If it has taken heavy damage, it will make you wait to tame it. You can check the health and stats of the Basilisk on Genesis by holding the map button down while targeting the animal. Once it’s health is full, drop one egg at a time. Had one basilisk refuse to eat any eggs because there was more than one present, and it got glitchy. If you are using 4high walls with foundations in the middle and ramps on the side as a trap, and it’s inside the trap and cannot burrow, there is no need to keep it angry. It’ll just sit there, staring at its first egg until it’s healed, hungry, or until the AI targets it. It’ll become suddenly agressive when it’s hungry, then it’ll eat the egg. Now drop another. It’ll eat when hungry

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