The Simulation.

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The Simulation.

Chapter 1

Hey, I'm Barry, Barry the baryonyx! I'm so glad your reading my story! This might be in the future! Wooowwww.... Cool! I'm a baryonyx with Hope's of being a writer! Dont ask how I know what that is... just buckle in, cause this is gonna be a long and bumpy ride! Seven years ago, I woke from my swamp. Mom and dad caught 12 piranhas that day. I had eaten my 6 up in 17 minutes. My mom took me for a swim and we caught some sabertooth salmon. We ate some sabertooth Salmon. Same old, same old. But then we saw something... how do you put it? Impossible. We saw a survivor. The sarcos glared at us as we went by. I smiled back. We caught up to the survivor. They didnt see us until... well,they did. They loaded their crossbow and shot at my mom. "Run, Barry! Just run!" She yelled to me. I ran and ran home, and told dad what happened he looked very aggravated and snarled but looked at me and said, "Barry... run. And dont. Stop. Running. I.. I might never see you again. Tears welled in my eyes and I hugged him, I looked at him and said "I cant.." "you have to, kiddo. I'm so sorry. Your mother and I love you." I couldnt help being angry. I wanted to help... but in their l-last moments the least I could do was listen. So I ran, and I ran. Until I met Perry.

I hope you liked this new series I'm making I'll make more. Next one on parasaur page ^w^ - Rayla

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