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(Xbox controls) So they have their basic mode, where they fly slowly and can go in water. Then, when you press the tertiary attack button, it goes into star fighter mode, and the wings extend. It becomes a plane, and in sprint mode goes extra fast. It can tip right or left with the movement button, but it flies on its own and just goes forward. You can use the movement button and move it left or right twice to do a barrel roll to that side. Pressing the primary attack fires two small two cannons, secondary attack (if you have grenades) fires a rocket and holding primary attack will lock onto a target and fire a ten missile. If you fire a rocket, you can press secondary attack again and explode it prematurely. Tertiary attack does a loop, which can help you get on an enemies tail. You can pull back on the movement button to slow it down, and if you aren’t sprinting, forward to speed it slightly. It is the fighter counterpart to the astrocetus, which is something of a bomber helicopter. It would be something to see two players dogfight with this, although to effectively use it drains element. Overall, it is the master fighter of the skies, and can flee to the water if the battle is not going well, and if things are bad underwater it can always fly out. Weapons are not equip able, but you are plenty set without them. When sprinting, they get an extra speed boost when they dive. I find them to be an excellent advanced battle creature, and would recommend to anyone. They are fast, safe, maneuverable, and they can hold their own in or escape from any situation. Happy hunting, and have a nice day

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