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So one of my old Friends Elite wanted me to make a better version of The Legend of Fletching so here: On an official server called moschops I had the best tribe it was just me and my leader who always got me gifts one day he said we should go to Fars Peak to tame an argy and saber tooth the argy would be my first tame that was a bird so I was really excited when we tamed the argy it was all silver so I dyed half of it royal purple when we got back to base and names it fletching after a lot of lvling up it had max speed 465 weight and 5k hp I loved fletching and would go everywhere with him until one day my leader non girly gamer got an invitation to the alpha tribe (Chinese)โ€ฆ I didnโ€™t he said a lot of mean things to me that day and took all the tames and our stuff but he left 1 thing behindโ€ฆ Fletching I joined my allyโ€™s after that and life was getting good again until we got wiped and fletching diedโ€ฆ now I hate Chinese and Nongirlygamer got kicked shortly after Iโ€™ll make part two now.

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