Ok here's the story of angel warren and skylark,

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Ok here's the story of angel warren and skylark,

Angel was my first egg I traded for her with 1 10x balm I was delighted to find she was lvl 358 I spent forever getting a balm and trying to find her a mate that's when I found warren and he was high lvl too! He was lvl 345 I wasted no time and breeded them they had two sons before they had skylark. (argent. Travis and alio) then I watched skylarks egg hatch and ..... I got a blue mutated rg I loved her Soo much then one day I get on my server to mate skylark and she warren and angel disappeared. They don't show up on tames and there's nothing on tribe logs about them #rip skylark had a son and a daughter. Her son eagle was a regular rg but her daughter was skysong was mutated blue skysong was hatched the day skylark went missing I now have three more graves at my base

One up = one rip to angel warren and skylark(who was my fav rg ever)


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