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This is a story about my Argy, Scare.

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This is a story about my Argy, Scare. I joined a server on Ark Mobile and they gave me scare and a kit. She is a eery argy that is super beautiful. She is fast and does 700 damage. Everything was going well. Once I thought I lost her because I went to dungeon run but then I died. I respawned at my tribe’s base and quickly tamed a random pt and went to the blue obelisk. Fortunately scare was safe and sound. Then, my tribe moved to carno isle. There were a lot of alphas there. Me and scare fought most of them for xp. Until the day came. I was offline and went on discord. I saw everyone talking about a Alpha raptor. I quickly went on, and saw something that could kill me right there. THE ALPHA RAPTOR WAS ATTACKING MY SCARE!!!! I ran to it as fast as I can, but I was too late. Scare crumpled right in front of my eyes, and my heart shattered. But there was no time for mourning. The Alpha raptor headed towards me. I took out my asc compound bow and killed it. I miss you scare. #PRAYFORSCARE

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