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One time I saw a 145

Although I’m low level

I chose to give it a go

So I built a big cage

Put the bird in a rage

And it followed me all the way in

Well I made it thus far

And it was safe behind bars

So the trip for prime meat began

Oh look a stego!

He’s a good looking fellow

I’m sorry but now your prime meat

So now I must feed

My one-of-a-kind steed

So that he will, forever, be mine

Well he ate and he ate

While I patiently wait

And finally he needs just one bite

And then he was mine

Oh how very divine

I took him all the way home

Through the ups and the downs

He was always around

And a great life he truly did have

But Oh now he's gone

It is all simply wrong

That he should die by such a terrible foe

Now he’s in a better place

I will miss his great face

But He would tell me it’s time to move on

R.I.P. Humble

Only an Argent, yet he was much more than and Argent


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