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Much like Toriel, I had a Lvl 67 Argy named Tobias... i was the unofficial king of the single player, humanless map. I would travel up to the mountains for Obsidian but had a good set up for everything else. One day I met a Griffin... and we had a SPAT. I ended up dismounting Tobias to shoot this damn thing. I didn’t even know Griffins were on the game. All I saw was β€œdoes not respect you” while he proceeded to wreck me. Much like a freshman cheerleader with the varsity quarterback. Anyway... I end up trying to outrun this thing and noticed that a Sabertooth was munching on his back when we’re well above tree tops. That was the day Ark turned dark to me. dArk, if you will. RIP Lucky. That’s the dog I had when I was 11. It’s irrelevant I just miss him too.

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