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I had an argy- lvl 184, named argentaviar. I loved her. She was the best tame I’d ever had. I had a really strong connection with her, as weird as is it considering she wasn’t even real. I logged on to see my base getting raided, it was really sad. I tried to make peace but it was a mistake. They said they will not start a war if I gave my argy. Of corse I said no. They left and came back, I was waiting for my respwan cool down to end- and it poped up on my screen they killed argentaviar. They ‘raided’ my base but took nothing. They just let it de spawn. They then went on about how I’m petty for being sad, and that they would find me in real life and that if they do I’ll be dead. It’s wrong. RIP Argentaviar 💜

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