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Part 2

I walk on for miles, cold, shivering, my only warm supplied by the rapidly sinking sun, and what little garments I have to clothe my otherwise bare body.

For the first time in a long time…I felt- lost.

I stared about in growing desperation, with each step, my body weakened, what little morale i had, had died long ago.

I cross over the gray beaches toward the far lands, a wooded patch far ahead, and after a long bout of trekking, I reached it.

A long stretch of wood, parasaurs, dilophosaurs, and dodos, all creatures I had become familiar with, dotting the wooded land.

As I gazed around, my eye caught a beast of metal hide, glowing with a mechanical light, it was a parasaur…but not.

Despite my frail body, and weakened state, I threw all caution to the wind, and charged toward the beast, it only stared in a confused trance, before I met it, with my fists, the sharp pain of flesh meeting metal stung, and bruised, but as it ran, I felt a surge of hope, and so I charged after, heart alight with the hope of tomorrow.


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