Facts on the allosaurus:

Appearance: a medium-large sized carnivore, the allosaur has bony scutes all over its body. It has a slim shape, and long legs, allowing it to run at high speeds.

Also possessing two horny protrusions over its eyes, as well as having a long head, armed with large, sharp teeth. Do not confuse with the Rex, which is about two thirds bigger, and much slower.

Behavior: the allosaurus is a highly aggressive carnivore. One allo is a ferocious enemy, but their true strength lies in the pack buff, which happens when there is more than one allo: the higher level of the two will gain a damage buff, damage resistance, and two new abilities, consisting of a bleed attack, and a roar. A pack of allos will destroy anything. The bleed attack of the alpha allo does 5% damage overtime, which means that any enemy will die from at least twenty hits from a bleed attack.

Utility: the allo is no doubt a very useful tame. It’s easy to dump them for a much larger and more powerful Rex or spino, or a smaller, comparable carno, but every Dino has its uses. The allosaurus has the status of a large carnivore, so will thus be ignored by smaller, usually aggressive creatures unless the allo attacks first.

The allo is very fast, looks intimidating, and has a ferocious, rapid fire bite speed. Put it in a pack, and you have a well oiled killing machine. The only downside is that their stamina consumption when sprinting is really quite low, and takes a considerable time to regain.

Dangers: the allosaurus is very dangerous. Survivors without high movement speed or a very powerful weapon cannot fight or run away from one allo, even. God forbid more than one. One danger of the allo bleed attack is that it slows you down considerably, and also drains health by five percent over a few seconds. A very powerful, fast tame is recommended for fighting these. My go to is a powerful spino when fighting a pack, as a spino has equally fast damage output, extreme knockback, and can easily run away if the fight goes wrong.

Note: the allos bleed attack is based off of the real dino. The skull of the allosaurus possessed a thin palate, and long sharp teeth, which led paleontologists to believe that the allosaurus slashed and hacked with its teeth in order to bleed out and weaken the prey to make it easier to kill.

Hope you all enjoyed! L&P, out.

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