Here's a tip and trick I don't think many people know, whenever I tame anything I get myself some soothing balm and I use the sleep method, using these I tamed an argy and an allo with one food INSTANTLY, (one food means one piece in quantity.) Using this method, I got 100% taming effectiveness, now take note, I've only used it on these two as I only recently discovered it, so what I did was, I took my sabertooth and quickly ran the cave with the artifact of the hunter, I then took it to the red obelisk, you can go to the green one too, but I'd rather go to the red one, then I waited and I was rewarded with soothing balm and 2 other items, I've done this multiple times and there was only one incident in which I got a shield and 2 other items instead of the soothing balm, that's why I now only go the the red obelisk. The soothing balm I get is the regular one with 10x speed.

Now for the sleep method, all you have to do is trap the dino you want to tame in a safe area, place a bed there and sleep, when you wake up the dino will have its food bar at 0, meaning that if you give it, it's food, it will eat it instantly.

I combined these 2 techniques and used it on the level 95 argy, after taming, he's level 142.

Thank you for reading, by the way I play on mobile, only as I don't have a pc ;).

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