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This agile and mighty beasts come in hunting packs, in order to tame one of these high leveled warm-blooded dinosaurs you must have:

A flyer (most preferably a high lvl quetz or argy)

A balm (use a 15x if you can for the much higher levels)

A weapon (longneck rifle, sword, fabricated pistol, whatever you want.)

Trap supplies (4 floors, 32 doorways, and 4 wooden ramps)

Tranq darts (just something to knock it out)

Prime meat or kibble (use superior kibble if your on pc and diplodocus kibble on mobile)

Narcotics/Biotoxin (something to keep the torpor high)

Now you have all the supplies! First, fly to mountains as that is where most allos spawn. Once you find some, land on a ledge where the allosaurus pack can’t get you, begin shooting the lower levels but be careful not to hit the highest level! Once it’s pack members are gone, begin tranq darting the highest level. Once it knocks out fly down and place the prime meat/kibble in and the balm and press “remote feed” the balm then put narcotics/biotoxin in for the torpor and then just wait and protect it until it tames!

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