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Allos are my one of my favourite if not my most favourite creature in all of Ark and if I’m being honest I believe Allos are underrated, and I’ll tell you why. Some people question their uses because if you want a fast ground mount people tend to choose a Carno and if they want a power mount they choose a Rex or a Spino. Allos are in between, fast and a good damage; alone they are dangerous but in packs they are a force to be reckoned with because we all (or most of us at least) know about the pack ability that these gain when in a pack of at least 3, the bleed effect attack, now this attack drains 5% of the targets damage over 10 seconds which means using that specific attack, it can 20 shot any enemy. Using an Allosauruses bleed against a Giga or a Titan will significantly damage it but it would be best to use the Allos as the main damage while another dino tanks all the damage. Anyways, to further explain the pack bonus, the leader will be the highest level (obviously) and the leader does not only gain new attacks but they receive a 50% damage increase and a 25% damage reduction, so if you have an imprinted pack leader, it gains a total of 55% damage reduction which is an extreme damage reduction. There can also be multiple pack leaders, especially when in multiples of 3. Thanks for reading, I hope you found this helpful and might reconsider your thoughts on the Allos.

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