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In the tips (for all dinos) I always see people say they are the most difficult things to tame they really aren’t its particularly easy when your a high level but for allos just build a taming pen I see people say use a tapejara and latch onto red wood trees that’s stupid because thylas are a thing in the redwoods allos are a bit more difficult than a rex and rex’s are super easy but it’s kinda the same principle...avoid the pointy bits thankfully allos don’t have a super high amount of torpor there stats are around spino stats not exactly but close...ish allos also do pretty good in some of the boss fights due to the pack buff and insane amount of dps they can dish out. They aren’t as good as a megalosaurus stat wise but still really good with a army of max level allos you can kill gigas (wild) expect to lose some but when you tame them use a taming pen it’s just easier if you have a high level argent witch I would assume you would considering argy saddle is 62 and allo saddle is a bit higher I can’t really remember but if you have high level argy kill the ones you don’t want and lead the one or however many you want to a taming pen knock them out with whatever crossbow longneck with tranq darts I would use longneck with tranq darts but I hope everyone enjoys there allos and if you read all the way to this point I appreciate it I know this is long but I like giving as much info as I can if you really want to know out to tame allos or any other Dino in ark subscribe to phlinger phoo on YouTube he is the best ark Youtuber check out his ark basics

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