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The legend of Ellanora (Ep2)

“I remember my name.” Ella said. “It’s Ella.” She looked around to see several people around her facepalm. “No... not qui-.” Ella backed up. “You’re all crazy!” She said, fear in her eyes. “That’s the only thing I know for sure, and I won’t let you guys take it from me!” She ran from the room, clutching her side. Despite the pain, she continued to run, and didn’t look back. Whatever that place was, she could tell that wasn’t where she should be. She felt like she used to be there a lot, and should maybe go back, but right now, she knew she belonged somewhere else. Even if she was hurt. After runnning for awhile, she found herself in the woods. She got some wood and thatch from the trees, and began to set up camp.

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