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Think of this - you are low level and just started the game on mobile and you are about 20 to 30 level and have a raptor or trike and went off venturing and saw a pack of these or even one means there is a pack since they only spawn in groups of 3 or more and the best way to avoid them is just run away but you can't since they will out kill anything if they are in group of 4 and if you by mistake engaged to one then try to run and come home safely you might think but wait just for a while because it is coming for you they don't lose agro. I have tried this many times but I am high enough to fight back since having rex and stuff. But if you don't then stay might think to find a cliff but if you fell by any mean you are dead since I have experienced the same they are hard to hit on mobile tou might fall if killing or trying to tame one so beware.

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