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Just build a 2x3 foundation and build 2 high doorframes except on the sides where you should build 3 high but 2 high works, not as well though. Place a dino gateway. Normal if you're looking to tame allo's carno's and that sort of stuff. Behemoth if you wanna tame a Rex, idk if a Giga fits in the trap. When taming allo's run through the forest and pick off the lower level ones so higher levels spawn. This should prevent the one you want to tame to get the pack leader buff. Using flak armour while luring is highly reccomended since allo's can run faster than you and attack you. When in the trap normal tranq arrows through a good bow or crossbow does the job, and no kibble needed. Raw meat is fine for below 100. Saddle unlocks fairly soon and isn't too expensive. When you get two no need to worry about even a rex. They are also stupidly fast so you can always bail if it isn't going too well...

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