Alright, so I assume this the new silver dye.

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Alright, so I assume this the new silver dye.

First off, this is for Ben. When I asked for the diplomatic interview, I subsequently ended up being busy and completely forgot that I had even asked for one. If you’re still interested in doing so, please dm me on discord with a time and date. My time zone is PST. I do not wish to reignite the fire, merely to see your intentions behind the google doc and what inspired you to do so. Additionally, my username is Monkewithlamp if you forgot what it is.

Anyways, moving on. So, I assume most of you guys write on fandom now rather than dododex? I have a couple questions relating to it, one being where can I find the stories on it, assuming they’re written there? And second, why fandom and not a similar website, like or Miraheze? Fandom pretty much shoves 4-6 ads on your screen at any given moment, which really sucks. and Miraheze’s ads aren’t nearly as intrusive.

If the stories are written here, I’d like to know where they are so I can see some chapters from them.


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